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A combination of fandom nonsense, pretties, historical notes, and things that I find fascinating. I post sometimes about Homeland, Masters of Sex, Mad Men, Hannibal, and a handful of other shows. I've been in grad school for far too many years.



Few things make me want to scream more than straight people constantly having to prove that they’re edgy and sexual and not bad at sex with shit like 50 Shades of Gray and Masters of Sex and all of these heteronormative and incredibly unhealthy examples of sexual relationships.

This probably demonstrates Very Bad Tumblr manners, but I keep seeing this post in the tag, and not a lot of people seem to know what Masters of Sex is actually about, so I just wanted to put in a word about how I think it’s actually an incredible misreading to compare it to 50 Shades of Gray.

Spoilers under the cut for all up to the most recent episode, so click with caution.

masters of sex ✳ spoilers ✳ c gets cranky and rambles 

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Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen for Entertainment Weekly

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I AM VERY UPSET RIGHT NOW ✳ but i still like their faces ✳ masters of sex 

7.27.2014 After watching the latest episode of Masters of Sex

masters of sex ✳ fight 


Little baby you at 12 years old!


Okay, dude, me at 12 is a lot of smartypants sci-fi and talking about the plot theories of Final Fantasy VII. Dealing with some bullying and a couple of half-hearted crushes on the cute nerds at school. I’d probably keep you updated on my progress in Oregon Trail and that mathematics Alice in Wonderland game. A lot of Star Wars. Reviews of Star Wars novels. Also a lot of Victorian children’s novels.


seventeen, please and thank you.


17 was the year of Moulin Rouge, so it would have been all that all the time. Also got me in with a posse of really lovely girls online, all of us writing (terrible) Moulin Rouge fanfic. Being proud of trying out writing femslash (hey, it was 2001, this was more daring than it is now—also I am so old). A lot of pictures of Ewan McGregor. Crying over a couple of uselessly heartrending boy-people. The last gasps of my dubious acting career. 


23! xo


I was blogging at this time, but most of it has disappeared. SO, if I were being entirely truthful: E, E, E. Being with E, doing our secret relationship nonsense. School things that I did blog about: finishing my undergrad, applying for grad school, actually deciding to try out this writing thing full time. Being in a Firefly tabletop group that was a total clusterfuck. A lot of useless drama. 

Besides that, Pierian Springs! That was also the year that E and I were writing a lot of Very Important Things for our writing game. A lot of reblogged pictures of celebrities, at least 60% Claire Danes. 




Starting high school and moving to a new town. A lot of angst-ridden complaints about my family’s drama, particularly so regarding strife between my parents. Dipping my toes into online roleplay with a Final Fantasy message board game (names: Sana Heartsong and Silvara). Watching I Dream of Jeannie religiously. Reblogging a lot of bad fantasy and sci-fi art. 




Girl Scouts, all the time! Overnight trips, camp, listening to The Beatles with my best friend. Chess tournaments, learning to play the French Horn, transferring to Catholic school and learning Japanese. Still super into Star Wars, reading EU novels and buying the Star Wars Insider. Waiting for Episode I to come out (oh, self). Posts about Rwanda (my friend Kate was a baby activist), debates about God, VERY fledgling disability studies thanks to my friend Jenny.




A lot of faux-Victorian prose about being in love with my high school boyfriend. This is the year of British lit, so a lot of reblogged Tennyson and Keats quotes, probably would subject Tumblr to my own attempts as well (let us take a moment to be grateful that I was not blogging when I was 16). A fair amount of Shakespeare. Lots of quotes from Reviving Ophelia. Pictures of medieval dresses, girls with elaborate braids, and Victorian ladies. I also wrote L.M. Montgomery fanfic. 

7.25.2014 send me an age and ill tell you what i would have been blogging about when i was that old

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